Antigua and Barbuda

Financial Report

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Total Products Exports

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Total Products Imports

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Most Imported

The top imports of Antigua and Barbuda are Refined Petroleum ($243M), Passenger and Cargo Ships ($177M), Cars ($29.8M), Precious Metal Scraps($17.9M), and Recreational Boats ($12.1M), importing mostly from United States($385M), Poland ($159M), China ($68.8M), Netherlands ($26.3M), and Brazil($25.8M).

Most Exported

The top exports of Antigua and Barbuda are Passenger and Cargo Ships ($115M), Refined Petroleum ($99.6M), Precious Metal Scraps ($20.2M), Rice ($4.58M), and Corn ($4.51M), exporting mostly to Poland ($102M), Suriname ($92.3M), United Arab Emirates ($21.2M), Germany ($7.98M), and United States ($6.49M).