Financial Report

Highest Tariffs

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Total Products Exports

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Total Products Imports

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Most Imported

The top imports of Belize are Refined Petroleum ($176M), Rolled Tobacco($45.4M), Recreational Boats ($28.5M), Petroleum Gas ($21M), and Cars ($18.2M), importing mostly from United States ($407M), China ($140M), Mexico ($130M), Guatemala ($115M), and Panama ($28.5M).

Most Exported

The top exports of Belize are Raw Sugar ($69.3M), Bananas ($40.1M), Fruit Juice($28.3M), Non-fillet Frozen Fish ($23.5M), and Crude Petroleum ($20.3M), exporting mostly to United Kingdom ($84.5M), United States ($75.1M), Spain($17.9M), Jamaica ($16.5M), and Ireland ($15.9M).