Business Meeting


Did you know you can get a free business consultation anytime! Just give us a call. 

You need free business advice? Contact our customer service support team and they will transfer you to a business strategist within your specific industry.

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Did you know you could ask for data and set up a perfect supply chain timed with demand?

Ever heard the term "sitting on product'? Unfortunately to many businesses get more supply than needed and this can affect the financial health of their company. The most affected metric is generally cash flow and owners are forced to liquidate assets to pay for operating expenses.We don't wan't that to happen to any of our clients so give us a phone call.

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Did you know you can get a line of credit to protect your cash flow?

We know that cash flow is an essential metric for businesses, especially startups. Our line of credit plans lets you keep cash for operating expenses while waiting for your new products to generate income. Apply here.



Did you know you can find a Merchandstock Representative in your country?

Our network of contractors allows you to do business locally with a Merchandstock Representative. Contact our customer servoce team for more information.


Due to the high demand for semiconductors, we signed an exclusive agreement with an institution and therefore cannot supply semiconductors to other parties. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope we can help you find the supplies you need. Please contact us.

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Things you should know before ordering


Make sure the products you are purchasing are suitable for your needs. Since we have a no return policy on International Trade, your products can be returned only if they are damaged. Always contact us if you have any questions about a product.


When it comes to regulations and laws on International trade, we'll take care of everything. However it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the laws within your country.


We always make sure that your investement is protected. We hold a $10 Million USD insurance policy for any damages our products may incur during shipping.


You want the right equipments and supplies , please contact us to make sure your purchase have all the functions needed.