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Our dedication and quality insurance in the International trade industry was acknowledged with several awards and trusted partnerships. 

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2019 Best Export Organization for the African Continent

Awarded Best Africa Export Organization 2019 by ExportToAfrica Facebook Group.

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2021 Europe Top ten Foreign Company Customer Service Support Team

Awarded in the top 10 foreign company's customer service support by 2 customer service rating agencies. 

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2021 Most Efficient Supply logistics For Landlocked Countries

Awarded most efficient supply logistics in landlocked countries by Land-LockLifted Business Forum.


Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is one of the largest marketplace worldwide and the amazon seller partnership helps us reach millions of customers.


Range me: Best Buy Vendor

Known for having one of the best prices for high quality products especially in electronics retail industry, as a Best Buy vendor we supply some of the products needed to satisfy their customers . 



One of the largest B2B platforms, Kompass helps us reach thousands of customers and businesses worldwide and raise our brand awareness in the industry.


Our products are available on one of the largest distributor of electronic goods and technology worldwide. As a seller we're able to provide thousands of customers and businesses the technology they need to grow.

Our Best Sellers

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Broadcasting Equipment

Our datas shows a 340% spike in orders for broadcasting equipment worldwide with a world average import tariff of 6.25%.

Our Best Sellers

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Construction Equipments

According to our datas, the orders for construction 

equipments increased by 1373% with a world average import tariff of 4.54%.

Our Best Sellers


Precious metals, Gems Jewelry and Raw Stones

Our datas recorded a 1266% increase in orders for precious metals, gems jewelry and raw stones especially for diamonds. The world average import tariff is 7.62%. 

Our Best Sellers

Car Front

Used Luxury Cars

Our datas shows that the orders for luxury cars increased by 3641% with a world average import tariff of 30%.

Hotline Consultant

Please contact us 

When it comes to International Trade, things can be confusing and the process can be overwhelming, please feel free to call us anytime. Our Customer Service Team can assist you 24/7.

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Our high tech logistic system and sophisticating CRM software for data management,gives us the skills provide you with the fastest and most efficient shipping terms in a market competitive market where the consumer wants his products faster rather than cheaper. Well with Merchandstock you get both! Our strategic partnerships with several organisations in many countries helps our customers experience efficiency and quality. Our team of strategist and experts in global trade are the reason why thousands of trade are executed  MerchandStock stays one of the fastest and most efficient supplier and distributor in the industry.



























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Brand Strategy

Build a Strategy

Delivery Men

Get auto-delivery

Return Key

Get free replacement on defective products


We partnered with the best in the industry and we make sure that our clients safety and privacy is respected. In partnership with escrow banks, our payment options gives you the guarantee that your products will be delivered on time. Our most loyal customers can apply for a line of credit up to $250,000 USD interest free. Apply here



Did you know you can get a free business consultation anytime! Just give us a call. 

You need free business advice? Contact our customer service support team and they will transfer you to a business strategist within your specific industry.


Did you know you could ask for data and set up a perfect supply chain timed with demand?

Ever heard the term "sitting on product'? Unfortunately to many businesses get more supply than needed and this can affect the financial health of their company. The most affected metric is generally cash flow and owners are forced to liquidate assets to pay for operating expenses.We don't wan't that to happen to any of our clients so give us a phone call.


Did you know you can get a line of credit to protect your cash flow?

We know that cash flow is an essential metrics for businesses, especially startups. Our line of credit plans lets you keep cash for operating expenses while waiting for your new products to generate profit. Apply here.


Did you know you can find a Merchandstock Representative in your country?

Our network of contractors allows you to do business locally with a Merchandstock Representative. Contact our customer servoce team for more information.

Fast Delivery Countries

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Country is not listed ? Don't worry, it simply means that your order may take a little longer than usual because we have not yet expanded our supply partnerships in your location. Please contact us before placing an order.


Our 24/7 customer service gives you a peace of mind when making an investment. Our team will support and assist you before and after your merchandise is delivered to you. We make sure that no product is defective or damaged and we take complete responsibility and cover the cost for returns and replacement if it's the case.

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High Quality Products

A full audit and quality check  is done before any products enter our fulfillment center. 

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Best Prices

We offer the best prices in the industry and with an high tech logistic system, you get the full value on your investments.

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Our Network

Our global network allows us to be one of the fastest and most efficient supplier.

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Customer Support

Our customer support team is ready to assist you and help you grow your business.

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